Victory Gardens Lex #LexGrow #ReclaimTheLand began with the start of the pandemic in March 2020. With the drastic changes faced by many in our community, we sought to address the most pressing issues of food security and maintaining a sense of autonomy in our shifting lives. Beginning with distribution of seedlings to dozens of community members wanting to start their own gardens, we began planting community gardens on community owned land.

We are not a formal organization nor an established nonprofit. We are simply the power of the people coming together to empower and sustain our community through local food production.

Check out our community calendar (still under construction) for dates/times/locations and details for ways to get involved.

This 2021 growing season will feature:

* Community workshops on starting and tending to a gardening space in collaboration with Ampersand of the Bluegrass.

* A healing gardening space for BIPOC community members at the historic Phyllis Wheatley center situated near the African Cemetery No 2 on 7th Street.

* Several community gardens grown on community member owned land. (Locations to participate to be shared as applicable for gardening gatherings.)

* A #ReclaimTheLand consulting initiative to create a family community gardening space in the historic community of Jimtown

#VictoryGardensLex #LexGrow #ReclaimTheLand

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